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       DJ & MC Primary Roles in a flawless event…

The DJ, MC, and or DJ/MC is an integral part of your event. An experienced, professional will play several roles before and during the event to ensure that it will be a fun and memorable celebration. JX3 Events is honored to work with such highly skilled, trained, professional DJ’s and MC’s.



1. Sound Technician

They are responsible for delivering a sound system to the site of your event. The DJ/MC will assemble the sound system, conduct a sound check of the area and make sure everything is working and sounding great before any guests arrive. This represents a lot of time, energy and work on the part of the DJ/MC that very few people will see during the course of the event. They may take several hours depending on travel time and the physical layout of the venue.

It is only through experience that one can truly understand the challenges and nuances of setting up electrical sound equipment in a safe manner, out of the way of your guests, and making adjustments to provide the clearest possible sound. An experienced DJ will be able to do this in rooms of various shapes and sizes, inside or outside, making necessary adjustments throughout the event.


2. Announcements and Coordination

The DJ is responsible for making all necessary announcements throughout the event so that your guests and other vendors know what is going to happen. Often the DJ will be playing and mixing pre-selected music while at the same time making announcements or facilitating festivities. Our DJ’s effectively fulfill the role of coordinator and announcer creating a smooth flow to the celebration.

Our professional DJ’s will be prepared. They will communicate with you before your event to get from you the information necessary to act as emcee. JX3 Events has online planning tools, as well as planning documents that are completed by the client and given to your event DJ. We will meet personally with you to go over the details of the event. The DJ will also be communicating with other vendors during the event to be sure everyone is on the same page for each planned event.


3. Music Selection and Engaging the Crowd

The DJ will be selecting music that reflects your musical tastes and will produce a fun and active celebration. They also need to gauge the extent to which your guests need to be engaged and encouraged to get up and dance! A professional DJ knows how to engage guests and encourage an active dance floor, without being obnoxious or too overwhelming.


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